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 Donna Grayce Campbell

LeNore Beserra started her professional career in 1971 by applying for and qualifying for the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour. For the next seven years LeNore distinguished herself on the tour while representing Calabasas Country Club and Lakeside Golf Club, and equipment sponsor PING.

Then in 1982 she started a whole new career. For 23 years LeNore Beserra successfully owned and operated Attorney Service and Process, Inc., which provided support services to law offices through out the San Francisco Bay Area and California.

LeNore and friends had been making trips to the "wine country" for the past 10 years. After a weekend of wine tasting in March 2004, she returned home with three cases of wine that had to be stored in the wine cellar. She started to fill out all the blank wine tags with the name of the winery, the varietal, and the year. This was always a tedious task, to be sure. She started thinking, "There must be a better way to do this."

"She went to the computer to expedite the wine tag process. She consulted with Earl Hyde, her "computer guy" extraordinaire, and they generated some terrific wine tags using the winery's own label!"

 Donna Grayce Campbell

Wouldn't it be great if the wineries would provide these tags to us when we purchase the wine." And hence, ASAP Wine Tags was born!

"These tags would be a terrific marketing tool for the winery and the consumers would love the ease with which they could tag their wines for storage at home or at restaurants or even specialty wine shops." LeNore was very excited about this new idea. Upon sharing this idea with several friends, colleagues, deli restaurant and retail owners the enthusiastic response by all who heard about it encouraged LeNore to pull together a team to make ASAP Wine Tags into a real business.

Jinx Robinson, whose friendship with LeNore goes back to junior high school days, and her husband Ed Robinson, now retired from the aerospace industry, really liked the wine tag idea and suggested an investment arrangement that came to be RNB Partners.

 Donna Grayce Campbell

RNB Partners has secured the licensing rights and hired ASAP Services to develop, market and sell the new product called ASAP Wine Tags.The help of many people, friends, and the financial support of RNB Partners, has brought together a new business venture in the wine industry. It has fulfilled a personal dream of LeNore's.


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