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Marketing with

ASAP Wine Tags

marketing words
Create a sustained "buzz" around your wines

And with

Samples by Distribution to:
Retail Wine Tasting Stores
Their tasting events
and to Customers
Restaurants and Hotels
Tracking inventory
or providing to Patrons
Special Events
Wine Associations
and Wine Competitions

and for
Private Wine Parties
Their Sponsors and their Guests
Reorder Reminders
Wine Collectors
Wine Scrap Books

With ASAP Wine Tags you can do...


Promotions for:
New Releases
Tasting Room Events
  • Barrel Tasting
  • Future Releases and/or
  • Comparison tasting
    (as glass tags)
  • Special Sales Offers
Gifts to Wine Club Members

NOW ORDER any ASAP Wine Tags products, and Wineries & Distributors
will receive FREE samples of our Gold or Silver Medal Winner tags,
with any minimum order. Benefit from their many uses. We'll help you
find all the ways they can work for you.

Also available from ASAP Wine Tags
  • logo tags
  • shelf talkers
  • neckers
  • special events talkers
  • discount promotion talkers
  • and now our Gold and Silver Medal Winner tags

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